Supporting our Member-Customers to Grow Better Yields

At Superior Ag, we strive to provide more insights, more knowledge, and more expert support to our member-customers. As a farmer owned cooperative, we believe in shared success.

Our one-on-one support fosters farm to cooperative relationships, where farmers count on our knowledge and expertise to yield quality returns. From selecting the right seed, to providing tools for accurate in-season adjustments, we’re there every step of the way. It’s all about helping you achieve the best harvest possible.

Superior Ag’s Agronomy Division is a leader in providing the most advanced, innovative solutions and value-added services to support your operation. Through research and development, our highly-trained agronomists can assist you in making the best recommendation that fits your management practices. With thirteen agronomy locations located throughout our cooperative footprint, we are committed to serving our member-customers and are rooted in our local communities.

Our core services include custom crop-input recommendations, custom application, custom seed treatment and precision ag services. You can rely on Superior Ag to be at the forefront of each advancement.

Crop Protection

The weed spectrum that we have today has forced us to develop a complex plan of action to control our target species. Layering multiple modes of action is the most effective way to control our problematic weeds. Not all modes of action and chemistries can be safely blended together without losing their efficacy or gelling in the tank mix. When applied, some herbicides mixed without the proper surfactant or adjuvant can be completely ineffective. Therefore, partnering with a Superior Ag field agronomist you can develop a safe and effective crop protection plan, from an ever changing list of herbicides.

When you select different hybrids and varieties, specific to your acres and management practices, you spread risk and mitigate the potential for loss. Before ever being planted, we know that every product has different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, some products in a no-till situation have a completely different set of potential obstacles, than if they were placed in conventional tilled soil. One way to help you make this important decision is working with our Agronomists who have access to the WinField® United Characterization Charts (CHT Chart). This tech tool visually compares the performance of hybrids from different seed companies based on specific environmental conditions and management variables such as disease resistance, fungicide response, soil type, crop rotation and planting population.

By using the insights from the CHT Chart, we essentially get a peek at the playbook before the big game. These insights will allow you to make the best in-season adjustments during the growing season, to maximize the profit potential of your operation.


Environmental conditions play an extreme role in hybrid performance, which many of these conditions you do not have control over.  Selecting the right seed product is the most impactful decision that you can control. Making these decisions according to the specific conditions found on your farm is essential. Successful seed selection comes down to marrying the right products with the right acres and management practices. By not utilizing the technology and insights in the seed industry today, you could be limiting your yield potential before you even pull the planter out of the shed.
Superior Ag is fortunate to have a WinField United Vision Plot located right in the heart of our territory, which provides us with local corn and soybean yield results, as well as insights into a wide variety of agronomic practices to farmers in southern Indiana.
By having access to all of the top national brands in the seed industry, we are not limited to only a specific brand’s portfolio. The hybrids and varieties we offer come from the best companies in the industry. Superior Ag has profoundly more research plots and trials than any other dealer in our cooperative footprint to help identify the specific product to match your acre and practices. We don’t play favorites—if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

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Superior Ag and Koch Agronomic Services have teamed up to provide local farmers with access to pre-mixed loads of UAN with CENTURO® at our Owensboro bulk terminal.

CENTURO® is an easy-to-handle nitrification inhibitor that offers highly effective below-ground nitrogen protection and can hold nitrogen in the ammonium form three times longer. Treat your UAN with CENTURO® today. Get started by contacting your local Superior Ag branch.


Crop Nutrients

Whether getting crops off to a fast start, to correcting deficiencies in-season, a healthy harvest starts with healthy fields. From getting crops off to a fast start to correcting deficiencies in-season, plant nutrition products help you take control of your fields and protect your yield potential.
Don’t let a deficiency minimize your yield, feed your plants what their hungry for – Feed the Beast!
Effective plant nutrition takes proven insights and Superior Ag is committed to arming you with next-gen tools and rigorously tested data that delivers insights you can use to make the best data driven decisions for your fields. Superior Ag’s in-house experts know the ins and outs of crop production. That means they can help deliver the right plant nutrition program for your farm, acre by acre.
Superior Ag has a vast line of micronutrient products, so it’s important to know how each of these products is formulated to make the best investment that fits your specific needs and/or deficiencies. For more information on evaluating different micronutrient solutions, talk to your Superior Ag Agronomist.

Agronomy Services

Superior Ag has invested in our Agronomy locations and equipment in order to cover all acres within the cooperative footprint. Our custom applicators undergo extensive training and annual re-training to keep their skills sharp. Our field agronomists know exactly what they’re looking for when they walk into a field and are able to provide timely recommendations when insect and weed pressure arise.

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Custom Application

Superior Ag has made a deep financial commitment to people and equipment at our 13 agronomy locations to serve all of our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our skilled operators are highly-trained and our equipment is well-maintained.

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Field scouting

Field scouting is an in-season agronomy service offered at Superior Ag, to help identify insect and disease pressure, along with nutrient deficiencies. Technologies such as satellite imagery, tissue sampling, crop modeling, and field forecasting tool allow our Agronomy team to make more timely and accurate recommendations.

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