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Formed, Owned and Controlled By Our Member-Customers

Who we are as a company, has a lot to do with where we started. Superior Ag's story began back in the late 1920's when each local county had their own cooperative. In 2007, four local county cooperatives merged to form one cooperative system, Superior Ag.
What started out as a small local cooperative has branched out to not only serve southwestern Indiana, but also northern and central Kentucky and the bordering regions of Illinois.

Local farmers joined together to form a cooperative, they formed to meet a need and not to make money. Superior Ag cooperative exists to serve the community first and we focus on bringing quality products and services to our members. As a cooperative, Superior Ag connects farmers to markets to increase food production. We even pay our members when business is good. As a member, we can become stronger together, perusing a shared goal where we all can succeed. 
Superior Ag takes pride through each of our divisions of agronomy, grain, livestock nutrition, & energy.

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June 2021
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CORN @C1K 7.1900 7.5750 7.1900 7.6900 7.1750 -0.3850
CORN @C1N 6.7475 7.1275 6.7475 7.1400 6.7475 -0.4000
CORN @C1U 5.8300 6.2000 5.8300 6.2275 5.8150 -0.3850
SOYBEANS @S1K 16.1225 16.5700 16.1225 16.5700 15.9800 -0.4825
SOYBEANS @S1N 15.8400 16.3975 15.8400 16.4525 15.7500 -0.5850
SOYBEANS @S1Q 15.2225 15.7075 15.2225 15.7500 15.0700 -0.5025
WHEAT @W1K 7.2650 7.5000 7.2650 7.5650 7.3700 -0.2825
WHEAT @W1N 7.0150 7.3325 7.0150 7.3425 6.9075 -0.2825
LIVE CATTLE @LE1M 115.600 118.250 115.600 118.675 114.700 -3.000
LIVE CATTLE @LE1Q 119.400 122.075 119.400 122.550 118.325 -2.925
LEAN HOGS @HE1K 111.475 111.775 111.475 111.925 111.200 -0.325
LEAN HOGS @HE1M 110.100 110.875 110.100 111.525 109.700 -1.925
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Superior Ag Services

With 170 full-time employees, plus more than 100 seasonal and part-time employees, Superior Ag has the people and the resources in place to deliver the products and services you need, when and where you need them. We hire the best, most experienced people we can find, and provide ongoing employee training across all of our divisions. Our goal every day is safety first, and exceeding the expectations of our member-owners.

Livestock Nutrition

Our new state of the art feed mill functions as a regional hub for the production of animal nutrition products within our cooperative footprint. Our specialists carefully select suppliers and test ingredient sources because we understand how important performance is to your livestock operation.

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Feed Store

Feed Store

As demand continues to grow for horses, hobby farms, companion animals and specialty feeds, we will be expanding our Livestock Nutrition Division with a new Dale Feed Store. This location is scheduled to open mid-February, followed by a grand opening in March or April.

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Through our 50% ownership stake in SynEnergy, we offer a complete line of propane and liquid power fuels and lubricants, that is American refined through CountryMark. New storage tank technology and delivery options fuel your operation and keep you up and running.

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We strive to provide more insights, more knowledge and more expert support to our member-customers. Our core services include custom crop-input recommendations, custom application, custom seed treatment and precision ag services. You can rely on Superior Ag to be at the forefront of each advancement.

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Precision Ag

Many doors have been opened to growers who take advantage of data they collect on every pass with precision ag technologies. The data is used to increase production and profit potential by better managing their inputs. In other words, growers turn their data into insights and these insights into more revenue.

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grain storage, grain marketing, grain harvest


We have in-house grain marketing experts who are dedicated to help you market your grain. They can assist by developing a grain marketing plan, which will aid you to better manage risk and capture pricing opportunities. Our on-site grain storage facilities and rail loading capabilities provide speed, efficiency and high capacity across our cooperative footprint.

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Nominate A Local Farmer For “Cream Of The Crop”!


Come Join Our Team

We are as committed to our employees as we are to our customers. Superior Ag employees are vital to our cooperative’s growth and success. We welcome talented, ambitious, and motivated people who love agriculture and the close-knit relationships of our local communities. We strive to hire the right person, then offer ways to advance and grow. Our commitment to excellence means we encourage professional and personal development of our most valuable asset – our people.