Our Membership

Superior Ag is a member-owned cooperative that is owned and controlled by the very customers that use our products and services every day. Currently, Superior Ag has over 3,100 members throughout southwestern Indiana, northern and central Kentucky and the bordering regions of Illinois. Our membership continues to grow because our member-elected board of directors and employee team truly believe in providing superior value to our member-customers through consistent delivery of high-quality products, innovation and service.

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of being a member of Superior Ag include being able to vote for the board of directors who oversee any major legal and structural changes to the company. Each member gets an equal vote regardless of the amount of equity they own or how much they patronize the company. In addition, Superior Ag members will benefit from the company’s success by sharing in the earnings based on the amount of business they do with the cooperative.

Apply to Become a Member Today!

Any person (individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture, estate, trust or any other entity) who is engaged in the production of agricultural products and who desires to obtain the benefits of Superior Ag may apply to become a member of the cooperative. Membership application is approved by the board of directors.

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