About Superior Ag

Company Overview

At Superior Ag, we take our mission seriously: Provide superior value to our member-customers through consistent delivery of high-quality products, innovation and service.

Superior Ag is a cooperative that is owned and controlled by local member-customers.  As a cooperative, we provide a full range of coverage and responsive service to farmers in southwestern Indiana, northern and central Kentucky and the bordering regions of Illinois.  

All of us at Superior Ag remain committed to the cooperative way of doing business, where the members own the company, guide the decision-making process, and share the benefits—increased purchasing power, collective marketing strength, and profit sharing—that come from working together.

Superior Ag is divided into four main divisions: Agronomy, Grain, Livestock Nutrition and Energy. We are always listening to the needs of our customers as well as the communities we serve, which has produced a number of smaller business units, including three retail fuel stations, two hardware stores and, coming in early 2020, a new retail Feed Store located in Dale, Indiana.

Who we are, what we stand for.

Our mission, vision and values define the way we interact with our customers and how we conduct our business in the communities we serve. By focusing intently on the success of our member-customers, as well as giving back to our communities—both financially as well as volunteering our time and talents—we’re constantly striving to be good business partners as well as good neighbors.


What we do
Provide superior value to our member-customers through consistent delivery of high-quality products, innovation and service.


Where we're going
Leading future growth from a strong foundation.


How we do business every day
Demonstrate knowledge, quality and innovation through our people, products and services.

Community Initiatives & Social Responsibility

Whether it's partnering with community groups or supporting local causes, our goal is to help build strong and vibrant communities. Our Community Initiative program provides valuable tools and resources within the areas where our member-customers cultivate a living.

We support local and regional organizations that focus on:
Safety: Promoting emergency preparedness response, accident prevention, or safety education and training.
Agriculture Education & Leadership: Supporting early childhood or adult development skills in an effort to build the agriculture community capacity, develop the next generation of leaders and/or provide a skill workforce for the agriculture industry.
Conservation: Helping conserve our most precious natural resources: water, land and biodiversity. A part of this initiative would be to support the education of sustainability to youth and adults.
Community: Supporting community, cultural events, local support services, civic enhancements, youth recreation and/or leadership programs.
If you would like to submit a funding application for appropriation, complete the form by clicking on the "Apply for Funding" button below. 

Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of highly-qualified senior staff who direct and manage each business unit, and are led by our Chief Executive Officer.  The leadership team supports all employees in fulfilling our mission statement: Provide superior value to our member-customers through consistent delivery of high-quality products, innovation and service. 

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Our Board

Meet Our Board of Directors

The Superior Ag Board of Directors is made up of local, agricultural business leaders, who are recognized for their industry expertise, as well as economic and community development skills. Board responsibilities, as spelled out in their mission statement, is “to establish and maintain legal compliance, safeguard the interest of members, provide operating requirements, measure and control performance, and create and abide by policy and procedures.” 

At Superior Ag’s annual meeting, new directors are elected from the membership to serve a three-year term. Our board is comprised of 10 elected directors who represent four geographical districts throughout the cooperative’s trade territory. 

Board Districts

Board Members

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