Superior Ag Feeds Champions

Apr 13, 2022

By: Elizabeth Butcher, Marketing Communications Specialist

Anyone can buy a winning animal; it takes knowledge and skill to choose good genetics and feed a champion livestock animal. As show season ramps up across the area, you can look no further than Superior Ag for your show feed and show accessory needs. With expert sales professionals and a state-of-the-art feed mill, we are equipped to feed any specie to their full potential.

By working with one of our experts, you are putting yourself a step ahead of the competition by feeding your animal exactly what it needs, when it needs it. You have access to fresh nutrition products that are chosen with your animal’s needs in mind.

Superior Ag is honored to have two Livestock Nutrition Sales Specialists who have countless hours of experience as well as background knowledge they gained by growing up in the livestock industry. Chris and Jeremy both continue to help raise livestock their children show at various local, state, and national levels. Jeremy and Chris’s knowledge and expertise can point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best supplements and nutrition options.

The products listed below are just a few that are normally stocked during show season. Contact Jeremy at 812.549.5093, Chris at 812.639.4556, or Kendra at the Superior Ag Feed Store at 812.482.6445 Opt. 2 for a full list of livestock nutrition products or information on product availability.

Last year, Shelby Martin and her family raised the Indiana State Fair Grand Champion Barrow, named Chubbs. He was also voted National Market Hog of the Year during The Pig Planet’s Year End Awards. The Martin’s fed Chubbs our Superior Ag Express 15% along with a mix of Show-Rite supplements. We were honored to be a part of the Martin family’s successful nutrition journey.

Choosing the right nutrition regimen for your animal can increase your chances of success in the show ring. Superior Ag wants to help you succeed in feeding animals that are ready for the show ring. Report your success to Superior Ag Feed Store to be recognized for your accomplishments in the show ring throughout the show season. Superior Ag is in your corner; when you succeed, we want to celebrate with you!

In addition to producing our own line of show feed, Superior Ag has partnered with many well-known livestock show feed brands.

Our products can be purchased through one of our livestock nutrition sales specialists, our Superior Ag Feed Mill and Superior Ag Feed Store, which is located just off Highway 231 in Dale, IN. For producers that live away from Dale, they can order their feed and choose to have it dropped at a Superior Ag agronomy location including, Patoka, Mackey, Evansville, and St. Meinrad.

Contact Jeremy at 812.549.5093, Chris at 812.639.4556, or Kendra at the Superior Ag Feed Store at 812.482.6445 Opt. 2 to start your customized show nutrition program today!