Brand The Barn

Aug 02, 2018
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

For the 40th Anniversary of Certified Angus Beef® Brand, they are celebrating by painting their logo on 40 barns in 40 communities from coast to coast.

Hoffman Angus Farms from Otwell is one of the 40 Barns selected to Brand the Barn.

According to the Certified Angus Beef® website, Brand the Barn is a year-long journey to pay tribute to the hardworking folks who are dedicated to bring the very best to the table every day of the year.

In 2017, James A. Hoffman, owner/operator of Hoffman Angus Farms, was recognized by the Certified Angus Beef® Value Discovery Contest. With this award, Brand the Barn slated Hoffman Angus Farms to be selected to adorn the iconic painting.

Hoffman Angus Farms works with Superior Ag by providing quality livestock nutrition for their Angus herd.

For farmers, barns are the hub of daily activity, site of family and community gatherings and symbolizes the passion and pride they pass from generation to generation. Each barn, each farm and each family has a unique story.

For more information or locations in the US that are selected for Brand the Barn, visit