Ethanol Free Fuel For Frog Follies

Aug 01, 2018
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

As the Tri-State prepares for the 44th Annual Frog Follies, it’s a great reminder for attendees to fuel up with the very best. Every Gallon of CountryMark 90 PLUS is refined to exceed customer expectations. It’s easy on those seasonally driven vehicles and helps deliver the most efficient power.

Vehicles driven seasonally also benefit from ethanol-free fuel. This is because ethanol attracts water and holds it in suspension. Although the amount of water that can be drawn in from ethanol-blended fuel shouldn’t be enough to cause performance issues, it is enough water that, when held in suspension for extended periods, can cause steel fuel lines and tanks to rust from the inside.

Superior Ag distributes CountryMark 90 Plus. Being one of the few retail fuel stations to distribute around the 4-H Center.

All of Superior Ag’s Retail Fueling Stations:
Evansville: 5015 North St. Joseph Avenue
Huntingburg: 901 North Main
Princeton: 1471 East State Road 64