Gain Agronomic Insights

Aug 02, 2019
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Every year, Superior Ag hosts an Agronomic Knowledge Day event. This year’s event will be held at our Answer Plot Vision Site in Ireland, Indiana on Wednesday, August 14th.

There are two sessions. The morning session has registration beginning at 8am until 9am and the evening session has registration beginning at 4pm until 5pm.

What is an Answer Plot Vision Site

Superior Ag’s Answer Plot Vision Site in Ireland, is 1 of 3 Answer Plots in the state of Indiana! When visiting the site, you’re able to explore data and results with insights that will help manage your operation. The data derived from the WinField United Answer Plot are driven by:

  • 200 locations
  • 32 states
  • 4,000 acres
  • 7,280 replicated trials
  • 32 highly trained staff members
  • 18 research teams

Location of the AnswerPlot Vision Site: 6331 West State Road

Speakers for our Knowledge Day Event

Michael Swanson: Michael is an agricultural economist and consultant for Wells Fargo. He analyzes the impact of energy on agriculture, he forecasts for key ag commodities and he helps develop credit and risk strategies for Well’s Fargo customers. Michael is our keynote speaker to kick off our Knowledge Day Event.

Bob Buehler: Bob is the Regional Tech Development Lead for the Northeast Corn Belt for Bayer Crop Science. In his 29 years, in addition to his time in Technology Development, he has worked in Monsanto’s Biotechnology organization for 12 years developing agronomic traits such as the first generation of Roundup Ready and Bt crops. Bob worked in Monsanto’s soybean breeding for 5 years and in the regulatory science organization for 4 years. Bob is a breakout session speaker and will discuss Corn Genetic Advancement. Genetic gain from new plant breeding technologies. New corn genetic characteristics: short corn and how does this affect our ability to manage the acre.

Adam Ivey: Adam is the Seed Marketing Director for WinField United. His current role is to evaluate seed go-to-market strategy, retail and grower programs, and manufacturer seed relationships. Previous to his role, he was the Croplan Brand Marketing Manager and the Seed Product Manager for Illinois and Missouri. In the Technical Seed Manager role, he was responsible for identifying and deploying corn and soybean lines into the local Croplan Brand seed portfolio. Adam is a breakout speaker and will cover Managing the acre. Hybrid Characteristics. How does this affect hybrid performance on each acre. How does this affect management decision for each acre.

Jeff Hinen: Jeff is the Field Product Specialist for The Climate Corporation. He is responsible for field research implementation and data collection as well as DSM, dealer and customer training and knowledge transfer for the Climate FieldView digital data products and tools. Jeff will cover Ag Tech: Turning Data into Dollars. How and why we capture geospatial data. What can we do with this data – can data reduce cost or increase yields on a per acre basis? How do we turn data into dollars? How does this help us manage each acre to its full potential?

Glenn Longabaugh: Glenn is the Regional Agronomist for WinField United. He is dedicated to almost 35 years of agronomic career experience to his portfolio. His current role includes a background in seeds, traits, crop protection, soil fertility, plant nutrition and irrigation. Glenn’s extensive and immense knowledge provides a fundamental teaching to local growers. Glen will cover a Systematic approach to nutrient management. He will touch on tissue testing, feeding the crop what it needs, when it needs it. He will also discuss evaluating each acre’s potential, which may determine how intensively we manage nutrition on that acre.

Superior Ag is excited for our Agronomic Knowledge Day event and we look forward to provide many takeaways for you to take back to your operation. There will be numerous attendance gifts and over 10 large grand prize giveaways. We will have industry representatives in our Exposition Tent from 8am until 9:15am and again from 4pm until 5:15pm. A ribeye sandwich meal will be catered at each event. Plan to attend this insightful event!