Prioritizing What's Important: Knowledge Day 2023

Aug 31, 2023
By: Elizabeth Butcher, Marketing Communications Specialist

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Luckily, we all have the freedom to choose how we spend those hours that we are given. Some choose to work 8 hours, some choose to work 12 hours, most farmers work until their job is done rather than what time the clock has on it to determine quitting time. This year, at our Annual Agronomic Knowledge Day our theme was Prioritizing What's Important. Todd Meyer used a Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand analogy to visually represent all the things that farmers must do in a timely fashion. If you missed us at Knowledge Day, we have shared the videos here and on YouTube.

As attendees rotated through five different stops, they learned about the top things that Superior Ag sees as big rocks or main priorities. Keys to the Right Start, Seed: The Cornerstone to Your Foundation, Chemical & MOA, Truterra, and Precision Planting. These topics are selected by Superior Ag salespeople and local industry experts. They strive to select topics that are relevant, innovative, and ones that provide solutions to Superior Ag’s customers.

Watch the other videos here.

This year, we were pleased to have 350 guests in attendance. We had great weather; amazing vendors, and we were able to showcase what Superior Ag’s Agronomy Team has to offer to current and future customers. For those of you that joined us on August 10, 2023, thank you for making our event such a success!

Our customers are the heart and soul of our business. Together, we are a team. We win together, that is why it is crucial to educate our farmers about the innovative trends, profitable practices, and tried and true methods our industry has to offer.