Automated Technology At Dale Feed Mill

Dec 03, 2018
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Our new feed mill in Dale is equipped with new automated technology to support production processes. One unique process that was automated was a new bagger and palletizing system in the production line. Our team uses a bagging system from Thiele Technologies and Symach palletizing system. The bagging system in our feed mill can produce 12, 50-pound bags in one minute.

The machine picks up the Superior Ag paper bag with an automated suction. The bag is lifted, and air is blown into the bag to open it and the bag is moved to the left to be filled with product. Product is weighed as it is dispensed into the bag. When the desired weight is met and is sewn shut with a product description tag. The bag continues the conveyor. A second scale is on the conveyor to double check the weight of each bag. If the weight is correct the bag will proceed on the conveyor and if weight is not met the conveyor will reject the bag and remove it from the production line.

The Symach palletizing system can stack 40 bags onto a pallet, using a predetermined stacking technique. After stacking the bags onto the pallet, the pallet exits the palletizer and proceeds on the pallet conveyor, where the pallet is then automatically shrink-wrapped. When shrink-wrapping is complete, the pallet exits the conveyor and is ready to be picked up by forklift and be taken to its destination.

Here is a short video, showing the bagging system, stacking system and the shrink-wrapping process at our Dale Feed Mill.