Farm To Food Court

Dec 03, 2019
Posted by Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Farm to Food Court enriches the connection university communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices. Farm to Food Court empowers students to make healthy eating habits, informed food choices, and boosts the quality of meal options, all while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities.

Why Farm To Food Court?

Students Win
Farm to Food Court provides all students access to nutritious high-quality, local food so they are ready to learn and grow.

Farmers Win
Farm to Food Court serves as a significant financial opportunity for farmers, ranchers and food processors by opening doors to an institutional market.

Communities Win
Farm to Food Court benefits everyone from students, professors, to parents and farmers, providing opportunities to build family and community engagement. Buying from local producers and processors create new jobs and strengthen the local economy.

Fischer Farms, from Dubois County, has been partnering with Indiana University for over 10 years.
They raise their beef cattle and provide the highest quality livestock nutrition to their animals, from Superior Ag Feed Mill. At the end of the beef cattle’s life, Fischer Farms take them 10 miles to a local processing plant, Sander Processing.

Read more about the Fischer Farms Farm to Food Court story on IU’s web page: IU From Farm to Food Court (Article)