Selecting a Christmas Tree

Dec 13, 2019

Elizabeth Lewis | Customer Service Representative

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas trees are starting to appear in the windows of houses across the area in preparation for the holiday season. Did you know Indiana ranks 11th in the nation in Christmas tree production? Each year 200 Indiana growers produce 200,000 trees.

Like most crops Christmas trees take year-round maintenance to produce the ideal tree. Annual pruning gives a Christmas tree its iconic cone shape. Variety, soil type, and weather also effect how a tree grows. On average it takes 7 years to grow a 6 or 7-foot-tall tree however it could take up to 15 years. Each spring growers plant three seedlings per harvested tree.

Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association gives four tips for selecting the ideal Christmas tree:

  1. Size Selection

Measure the tree in the field, Christmas trees look smaller in the field when they are not in your home.

  1. Freshness

Gently tug on a branch or shake the tree. A fresh tree will shed a few green or brown needles but should not allow excess green needles to fall.

  1. Care

When you get your tree home, cut off some of the base to remove the sap seal to allow the tree access to fresh water. Always keep your base full of water at or above the fresh cut base of the tree.

  1. Safety

Double check all light and power cords for imperfections. Never use an electrical cord if the plastic covering is damaged. Keep your tree hydrated and away from dry heat sources such as heat vents or fireplaces.

Find more information on choosing varieties at the Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association website.