Winter Analyzation

Dec 11, 2020

Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Agronomy, Management Practices

This time of year is extremely important for growers!

With so many variables to consider throughout the year, growers are constantly looking for confirmation that the choices they make throughout the year are paying off.

According to Superior Ag’s Division Agronomist, Jesse Uebelhor, the way to find these answers are to analyze your management practices.  Management practices are used to improve the growth, development and the yield of your crop.

Here are the top management practices for growers to review this winter to prepare them for 2021:
  1. Yield Data
  2. Hybrid & Variety Performance by field
  3. Soil Tests and Soil Type
  4. Planting Date
  5. Weed Control Practices
  6. Fertility Practices
When growers analyze all of their data, it will allow them to make confident, data driven decisions for their operation.
If you would like to discuss these topics with your local Superior Ag Agronomist, please contact their branch to schedule an appointment. Click here to find your local Superior Ag.