Improving Your Planter Pass

Dec 16, 2022
By: Elizabeth Butcher, Marketing Communications Specialist

Now is the time to start thinking about improving your planter pass for the 2023 season. Adam Messmer says, “It’s important to improve your planter pass, and you can do so by getting your corn meters tested.” Having an improper planter pass can cost you real bushels that result in real dollars left in the field.
Calculate that across your farm and ask yourself, “Is it worth it to have my planter meters tested?” Make sure your seed is planted accurately to ensure the best yield on your acres.

As your local Precision Planting Dealer, we encourage you to have your corn meters tested before the 2023 planting season. With the Precision Planting MeterMax Ultra test stand, our highly trained precision team can test most brands of corn planter meters. The meter test stand evaluates singulation, skips, doubles, population, and seed release index.
Now – December 31, 2022                         $30 per meter
January 1 – February 28, 2023                  $35 per meter
March 1 – March 15, 2023                          $40 per meter
March 16 – March31, 2023                         $50 per meter
April 1 – Planting 2023                               $60 per meter

Contact one of Superior Ag’s Agronomy Specialists or Adam Messmer, Precision Ag Specialist, at or 812-661-2925 to schedule your Planter Meter Testing.