How To Maximize ROI

Jul 02, 2018
Jason Lueken | Precision Ag Manager

Do you want to get the most out of every dollar, acre, and ounce this season?

Superior Ag can help you achieve maximum ROI on your in-season crop management strategies by utilizing satellite imagery.

The Red area on the map displays the difference in canopy health when a portion of a field is left untreated. The treated portion of the field received  a full rate of fungicide and the area in red received no fungicide.

Shortly after application Southern Rust moved into the region and impacted unprotected plant tissue dramatically.

The How:

  • Select Corn products with High & Moderate Response to Fungicide scores
  • Enroll in R7 In-season Imagery
  • Develop a benchmark Biomass by looking at In-Season images before application
  • Follow-up after fungicide & Micro Nutrient applications and view the post application Imagery that can ground truth the development of healthy plant tissue.