Healthy Horse

Jul 31, 2020
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Horse Nutrition

Just like people, all horses need proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals, as well as energy to support maintenance, growth, reproduction and work.
You desire a healthy horse inside and out, and want nutrition that helps your horses look amazing, feel great and perform at their best. We too strive to ensure your horses’ nutritional needs are met, whether your horse is competing for ribbons, riding trails or happy with hugs. Superior Ag Dale Feed Store distributes proven horse nutritional formulas designed to deliver optimal nutrition for all breeds and disciplines. We care because we are horse lovers too and care for your horses the same way we care for our own.

The feed we distribute are precisely formulated for your horse’s age and lifestyle. You’ll see the proof in strong hooves, shiny coats and healthy horses. Stop in at our Superior Ag Dale Feed Store today and work with our highly trained staff, who are dedicated to caring for horses.

Our Superior Ag Dale Feed Store distributes trusted equine brands such as: Here is a breakdown by brand what we have in stock at the Dale Feed Store. 


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Essential K

Kalm 'N EZ (pellet) 

 Kalm 'N EZ (textured)


K Finish




Healthy Horses = Healthy Human. Like most of us, horses feel and get stressed too. And just like humans, chronic stress in horses can lead to health problems.
According to the “Naturally Healthy Horse”, here are common causes of stress in horses:
  • Poor Diet
  • Transport
  • Heavy Exercise
  • Showing
  • Confinement
  • Injury/Pain
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Social Environment
Just as we have stress relievers in our life, horses do too. Here are eight ways you can de-stress your horse:

Access to healthy forage. Naturally, horses spend much of their day grazing, this behavior is a natural stress reducer for them. Provide a constant access to healthy forage.

Give your horse a buddy. During the covid quarantine, many people went stir crazy and just wanted to socialize or get out and about and see others. The same holds true for your beloved horse. Living alone can be a constant source of stress for horses. If getting another horse for companion is completely out of the question, try another companion animal like a goat.

Regular Workout Plan. When we go for a run or walk, we feel relieved. Exercise is commonly known as a stress-reliever in general, so it’s no different for horses. They need movement to thrive.

Massage your cares away. When we are tense or stressed, we seek a spa or massage therapist. Give your horse a massage to relieve some muscle tension and stress. It may improve their physical health and emotional health as well.

Keep a schedule. Feed your horses around the same time every day. Switching up the time can stress a horse, just as you get “hangry” when it’s past your meal time.

Monitor noise. It’s important to monitor the noise around your barn and pasture. If horses aren’t used to a busy interstate next to their living quarters, then more than likely they won’t like their new casa if it’s fixated next to one. Noise is a source of stress. Think of noise and sound in your life. If a horn is consistently honking, a baby screaming and a dog barking – all of those things after a while you can feel yourself getting tense or stressed. And if you turn on peaceful piano music or lullaby music, you instantly feel a sense of relief and calming. So horses too can gain a sense of calmness with a soothing tune.

Essential Oils. Essential oils can do a number of things for us such as boost immune system, relieve stress, boost energy, improve mood, treat nausea, fight depression, aid digestion – the list goes on. So for horse, essential oils are known to help with emotional health and relaxation, lavender is used for stress relief. It is said you can put the essential oil on a cloth for your horse to smell or place a drop or two on their forehead/poll.

Take care of your own stress. Horses and other animals are sensitive to emotions of people who are around them. If you are stressed, they can sense that. If you are nervous, they will pick up on that too. It’s important to destress before going to the barn, so you and your horse can enjoy your time together.
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