Fungicide – Maximize Your Crop

Jun 07, 2019
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

fungicide, aerial application

The wet, humid weather conditions mother nature has handed us, is conducive for plant disease like grey leaf spot, southern rust, and northern corn leaf blight in corn and septoria brown spot and frog eye leaf spot in soybeans. Delayed planted crops have a higher response to fungicide, therefore this year’s fungicide application could be more important than ever.

Defining RTF

Superior Ag, along with WinField United, looks closely at a hybrid’s response-to-fungicide (RTF) score and how to pair that valuable data with in-season tech tools to optimize your ROI potential. Every year, over 240 hybrids across seed brands are tested to determine RTF scores, which measure how a hybrid will respond to a fungicide application. All WinField United proprietary and partner brands, along with competitor brands are tested through the Answer Plot® program and are assigned an RTF score. Some hybrids have a high response to fungicide, while other hybrids have a low response to fungicide. Work with your local trusted advisor to determine which hybrids fit best with your management strategy.

Make the fungicide application

Seven years of Answer Plot data has shown an average 12.8-bushel-per-acre response in corn to a fungicide application. However, that is only an average. Looking further into the data reveals responses anywhere from no response up to 37 bushels per acre. Due to heavy disease pressure, certain areas like Indiana consistently have higher response to fungicide as shown in the chart below.

Fungicide Response

The moral of the story on Fungicide, is to do the right thing this growing season – consult with your agronomist and make an informed decision by using the proven data they provide. In some instances, it is quite possible that fungicide application is unnecessary for a couple of reasons BUT don’t make that call or cut corners without getting advice from an agronomist. Contact your local Superior Ag trusted agronomist today to see which trusted fungicide program will protect your fields and help them reach their highest potential.

To get in touch with your local Agronomist, click on the link and select the branch closest to your operation.