Importance Of MAX-IN Ultra ZMB

Jun 04, 2019
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Maximum your Yields in Tough Growing Conditions

Under saturated soil conditions, roots struggle to uptake nutrients efficiently. With products like MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB, we can ensure that the plants have the essential nutrients that they need while corn plants are determining their ear size and maximum yield potential.

MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® is an effective foliar product, that supplies Zn, Mn and B, which are vital for increased plant health and growth.

MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® plant nutrients mix easily with other crop nutrients and most crop protection products, including glyphosate-based herbicides. When MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® plant nutrients are tank mixed with glyphosate, an ammonium sulfate source such as Class Act®, NG®, or Alliance® adjuvant should always be used.

MAX-IN® products include patented CornSorb® technology, which greatly increases movement of the micronutrients through the leaf cuticle to internal leaf structures. This makes more of the applied nutrient available for use by the plant.

Plant tissue sampling is the most accurate way to assess nutrient availability, providing the best opportunity to determine existing nutrient levels and the proper amounts needed for plant development and optimum yield potential.

Plant Health Benefits:

  • Zinc is important for maximizing leaf and vascular growth, increasing plant root growth and promoting a massive root system. These fortified roots help increase nutrient uptake and water-use efficiency for larger overall plant growth.
  • Manganese is essential for photosynthesis in all plants, is especially important in legumes, and increases nitrogen metabolism and carbohydrate utilization. Manganese plays a key role in plant immune systems and resistance or tolerance to plant diseases.
  • Boron is essential to nitrogen metabolism, cell division, and increased flowering and fruiting. MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® plant nutrients help increase the absorption of boron in the plant for better crop production.

Plant nutrients provide high-quality secondary nutrients and micronutrients for healthy plants and high yields. Proven, versatile performers are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of crops across a broad range of soil conditions, fertility programs and tillage practices.