4 Key Factors with Gut Health

Jun 19, 2020
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Gut Health

Good gut health in pigs is the first step to better performance and higher returns.

The gut is the largest organ that helps with the immune function. It’s a pigs first line of defense and should receive the highest priority. Because without good gut health, growth doesn’t occur.

Improving the integrity of the gut wall increases nutrient absorption. Good gut health helps piglets get a good start in the nursery, where it is vital to ensure each piglet has access to colostrum and milk.

Here are 4 key factors to take into consideration:
  1. Nutrient Sources – gut integrity can be improved and maintained with proper selection of ingredients that prevent gut inflammation, increase growth of good bacteria, and decrease water loss. High quality animal proteins, low allergenic soy proteins, highly digestible carbs and unique gut environment enhancers together make a feed program that provides the solid foundation for health and growth.
  2. Gut MicroFlora – promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. A healthy gut flora will also have increased production of butyrate which is an energy source.
  3. Tight junctions – normal gut epithelial cells are close together with tight junctions, which provide a protective barrier in the gut. Damage to these epithelial cells through inflammation causes leaky junctions, which permit undigested food particles and toxins to pass through the gut wall into the bloodstream.
  4. Feed Intake – research shows that there is less intestinal damage in weaned pigs when feed intake is increased. Higher feed intake can lead to longer intestinal villi, improved absorption of nutrients and the reduction of disease-causing bacteria like E. coli.
Good gut health allows pigs to thrive in through the nursery and that effect is multiplied as they move through the finisher. Improved gut health leads to less scours, fewer treatments and fewer fallback pigs, which ultimately means increase in full-valued pigs at market.

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