4-H Fair Week: What It's All About

Jun 14, 2023

By: Michaela Chambers, Marketing Intern

With 4-H fairs quickly approaching, we wish all our local 4-H’ers good luck as they put the finishing touches on their projects. Every 4-H’er looks forward to their county or 4-H fair because they have spent countless hours working on and perfecting their projects. Summertime is their time to shine. Although the showcase of the projects is the focus of 4-H fair week, there’s so much more to it. For the livestock kids especially, these last few weeks are crucial to get their animals ready for the show ring.

As the stress of show season grows stronger, we want to remind all 4-H livestock families what showing is all about. Behind the purple banners, blue ribbons, and belt buckles, there are valuable life skills and meaningful relationships formed along the way. Countless memories, smiles, and laughs are gained in the barns during fair week. Early morning conversations and late-night card games… it’s all part of it. That week spent on the fairgrounds with the animals isn’t all about the competition, it’s about family, friends, and community.

During that week in the 4-H barn this summer, we encourage you to take a moment and look around. You’ll see mini 4-H’ers looking up to the older 4-H’ers, lawn chairs set up around bales of shavings to form a makeshift card table, and at least a few people trying to drift off to sleep among the madness. However, on show day, the feeling changes. It turns into a constant chaos of getting animals washed, fitted, and to the show ring when it’s time for their class. But as soon as that show is over, the calm resumes, and all you can hear is the hum of fans running as all of the animals (and people) get some much needed rest.

4-H week is exhausting and demanding, especially for the kids. That is why it is so important to sit back and remember why we do it. Success in the show ring makes for a great week, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of community that hangs in the barn. Everyone is always willing to offer a helping hand, no matter the task.

Encourage kids to work hard, build passion, and strive for success. After all, they take on the responsibility of raising livestock and completing projects. However, always make sure to remind them to live in the moment and have fun because, before they know it, their 4-H days will be over.  This summer, we hope your family makes memories to last a lifetime, and we wish you all good luck during 4-H week!