Add An In-Furrow PGR

Mar 05, 2019
Jesse Uebelhor | Division Agronomist

Corn Seedling, In-Furrow Plant Growth Regulator, Ascend

Question From Grower:

There are 7 wonders of the corn world, according to Fred Below. But, I wonder what I need to do to make my corn better. I have already applied more fertilizer, made the right nitrogen application for my hybrid, I plan to apply fungicide, but what else can I do to set my corn up for a healthy start? In the past, I have only ran 10-34-0 in-furrow and I that was my high yield management practice.

Our Agronomists Response:

Your high yield management practice of 10-34-0 in furrow is on the right track. However, if you’re looking to increase seedling vigor, earlier pollination, and increase yields – I would recommend looking at using a PGR like ascend, along with Zinc in your row starter.

What Ascend does, it helps promote cell division, leaf expansion, and larger root growth. By having larger leaf surface and increased root mass, this allows for an increase nutrient and water uptake to help feed the development in each corn plant. Zinc is a key component of metabolic reactions and is an essential micronutrient during a plants growing cycle. Zinc has a positive response when deficiencies are indicated on soils that have high phosphorus levels, cool wet planting conditions, early planting and soils that are higher in pH. Zinc can also have a higher response when planted in native timber soils or low organic matter soil. Using these two products together will promote increased yields and earlier maturity.