Indiana Pesticide Rule Change 2023

Mar 29, 2023

Photo Credit: WinField United

By: Elizabeth Butcher, Marketing Communication Specialist

We always strive to provide you with important industry information and updates as they come available. Since so many of our farmers apply their own crop nutrients, pesticides, and herbicides we wanted to highlight the new Indiana State Chemist rules, testing locations, and study opportunities for 2023 Pesticide Rule Changes in our latest blog. Read it below for an overview of the top information from local extension offices, the Office of Indiana State Chemist, and our agronomists.

Starting January 2023, the Indiana pesticide rules have been revised. These revisions include all persons who apply Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) to be fully licensed and all applicators must keep record of applications for up to two years. These rules have been in process since 2018 and became part of the rules January 2023.

Superior Ag has been communicating with their employees and growers to discuss the changes so that they are aware of the new rules. We also host annual applicator trainings to make sure that our applicators are aware of any state rule changes, and the importance of accurate applications.

For individuals wanting to learn more about becoming a certified applicator of Restricted Use Pesticides, we have outlined resources that are offered to make the process easier.

To comply with the new rules, individuals will need to take and pass the CORE exam (PPP-1a). Study manuals can be purchased online at and then take the test at a certified testing facility. Manuals are $40 and you can schedule your appointment with Metro Institute to take the test at an Ivy Tech testing location or call 1.877.533.2900. There is a $55 fee for the use of the Ivy Tech facilities.

For those that need more in-depth training, Purdue offers eLearning courses for some of the Pesticide Applicator exams, individuals can register for these courses to help prepare for the Core Exam. This course is $110 per person and allows 90 days access to courses.  For a full list of eLearning course opportunities click here

If you are looking for an in-person training, Purdue Pesticide Programs offers trainings throughout the year. These are one day trainings that include training manuals. The cost of this course is $103 and is geared towards individuals that have reviewed the training manual. Although, tests are only offered through Metro Institute. Click here to sign-up for the in-person class.

It is important to know that each person has the opportunity to take the test up to three times over a twelve-month period to achieve a passing score. Private applicators who wish to attend training towards the OISC exam for both pesticides and fertilizer application, Purdue is offering in-person training for farmers and private applicators planning to take the exam. This training is not required for the online exam.
Additionally, Private Applicators must keep records of applications for a minimum of two years. They can be kept electronically, but there is no specific form required. Information required for a record to be considered complete are listed below:
  1. Address, geographic coordinates, or general location description of site of application.
  2. Name and license number of the certified applicator.
  3. Date of application (month, day, year).
  4. Start and stop times of the application.
  5. Description of plant, crop or site treated.
  6. Principal pests to be controlled.
  7. Specific acreage, area, parts of a property or number of plants or animals treated, or other appropriate description.
  8. Brand name of pesticide product applied.
  9. EPA registration number of the pesticide product applied.
  10. Amount of pesticide product used, expressed as either total quantity or volume of:
    1. Packaged product.
    2. Diluted mixture and active ingredient concentration (percentage).
If you have any questions regarding the new changes that were implemented in January of 2023, please contact your local Purdue Extension Office.
Dubois County
1482 Executive Blvd
Jasper, IN 47546
(812) 482-1782
Gibson County
203 S Prince Street, Ste B
Princeton, IN 47670
(812) 385-3491
Perry County
65 Park Avenue
Tell City, IN 47586
(812) 547-7084
Pike County
801 E Main Street
Petersburg, IN 47567
(812) 354-6838
Posey County
Coliseum Building, 126 E 3rd St, Rm. 29
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
(812) 838-1331
Spencer County
1101 E County Road 800 N
Chrisney, IN 47611
(812) 362-8066
Vanderburgh County
13301 Darmstadt Rd
Evansville, IN 47725
(812) 435-5287
Warrick County
107 W. Locust Street, Suite 111
Boonville, IN  47601
(812) 897-6100