Evaluating Your Planter Pass

May 01, 2020
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

As your local Precision Planting Dealer, we encourage you to allow us to conduct a free stand evaluation in your field, using The Precision Planting PogoStick.

When you contact us for a free stand evaluation, one of our highly trained Precision Ag team members will schedule an appointment to visit your farm.

The PogoStick is a specialized tool developed by Precision Planting to diagnose a problem on your planter pass, based on the number of skips, doubles, misplaced seeds & late emergers. The PogoStick provides an accurate stand evaluation and generates a detailed report of potential yield impact.


The Precision Planting PogoStick puts economics behind your planter allowing you to identify what improvements you can make to your planter to improve its performance and ultimately your bottom line.

With tighter margins in commodity crops the importance of precise planting of seed is increasing. Determining planter performance is more than looking at the stand, it’s being able to identify where the problem originated, and allow our team to provide recommendations to you.

Below is a photo from a great planter pass compared to a planter pass with several issues.  We have also included the Precision Planting Pogo Stick report from this stand evaluation as an example.

Please contact your local Superior Ag Agronomist or a Precision Ag team member to schedule your FREE stand evaluation.