Superior Ag Pays $3.5 Million Back to Members in Patronage & Equity

May 11, 2023
For Immediate Release

HUNTINGBURG, Ind. (May 11, 2023) Indiana-based agricultural cooperative, Superior Ag recently paid a total of $3.5 million back to its member-owners in the form of cash patronage and equity. Each year, Superior Ag members benefit from the company’s success by sharing in the earnings based on the amount of business they do with the cooperative.
Of the total refunds, $2.1 million went out as cash payments and the remaining $1.4 million was in equity credits as a 60-40 cash-to-equity split. In addition to this, Superior Ag also redeemed prior equity up to and including 2013 along with paying out age-based equity to members over the age of 80.

Superior Ag achieved another year of strong business performance in 2022, and we’re proud to share those earnings back to our members,” shared Barry Day, President and CEO of Superior Ag. “Guided by our board of directors, Superior Ag continues to serve as a stable and highly dependable source for the industry’s leading agronomy inputs, livestock nutrition, grain marketing, and energy services for members and customers across the region. We believe Superior Ag remains well-positioned to continue meeting the needs of our customers, thanks to a sound business model, a supportive and well-aligned board, exceptionally strong customer relationships, and a team of engaged, knowledgeable and highly talented associates.
Currently, Superior Ag has over 3,100 members throughout southwestern Indiana, northern and central Kentucky and the bordering regions of Illinois. Any person (individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture, estate, trust or any other entity) who is engaged in the production of agricultural products and who desires to obtain the benefits of Superior Ag may apply to become a member of the cooperative. To learn more about becoming a member of Superior Ag, visit
About Superior Ag
Superior Ag is a farmer-owned cooperative that provides a full range of agronomy, grain, livestock nutrition, and energy support to farmers in southwestern Indiana, northern and central Kentucky, and the bordering regions of Illinois. With 13 agronomy locations, 6 grain elevators, a state-of-the-art feed mill and feed store, and 2 retail fuel stations, Superior Ag is committed to providing superior value to member-customers through consistent delivery of high-quality products, innovation and service. Superior Ag also has an ownership stake with SynEnergy, providing liquid power fuels and propane that is 100 percent American-refined through CountryMark-branded fuels. More information can be found at  Follow Superior Ag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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Marketing Communications Manager
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