Improve Your Planter Pass

Nov 05, 2018
Adam Messmer | Precision Planting Specialist

Corn Planter Meter Test, Precision Ag, Precision Planting


Even though it’s only the middle of November and there is a lot of time to get your planter ready for spring – now is the PERFECT time to start to fine tune your planter for 2019.

It’s important to improve your planter pass, and you can do so by getting your corn meters tested. Superior Ag has a Precision Planting MeterMax Ultra test stand. This test stand can analyze all brands of corn meters, no matter what brand you plant with. It evaluates singulation, skips, doubles, population and seed release index.

According to Precision Planting an improper planter pass can cost you real bushels resulting in real dollars left in the field. Based on a sampling of 1/1000 of an acre, 17’5” on 30” rows include the following:

Skip                                    5.6 bushels lost per acre

Multiple                              2.8 bushels lost per acre

Slightly Misplaced             0.7 bushels lost per acre

Severely Misplaced           1.4 bushels lost per acre

As you can see from the above results, it’s incredibly important to get your corn meters tested. Our highly trained experts will evaluate your planter meters and make them plant with precision, not to mention provide added ears, yield and profit.

Our Precision Ag team is offering pre-season planter meter specials. Take advantage of these savings before it’s too late. Contact one of Superior Ag’s Agronomy Specialists or Adam Messmer, Precision Ag Specialist, or 812-661-2925.