Optimize Your Winter Operability

Nov 12, 2019
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager


As the weather becomes cooler, diesel becomes more difficult to ignite.  All diesel fuels contain wax, and below a certain temperature, will undergo changes such as crystallization or gelling. These changes reduce the ability of the diesel fuel to flow, and can also create filter plugging, adversely affecting the operability of vehicles.

Therefore, Premium Dieselex-4 is seasonally blended to prevent fuel line freezing for optimum winter operability. It also contains deicers, which are designed to pick up small amounts of water in the fuel and allow the moisture to evaporate with the fuel as it is burned. Cold-weather storage and stability are excellent, as the winter operability package also prevents fuel from gelling in low temperatures.

Here are 3 tips to optimize your fuels:

  • Proper tank management can be the difference between business as usual and engines that won’t start. By keeping tanks and fuel clean of debris ensure that when you pick up the nozzle you will be getting the fuel and results you expect.
  • The effectiveness of cold flow chemistry and kerosene are greatly impacted by when and how these products are blended with the base diesel fuel. SynEnergy expertly blends the perfect mix of cold flow additives to enhance the winter operability of all CountryMark branded fuels.
  • Keep vehicles and equipment tanks full at the end of each day to eliminate condensation and freeze up in the fuel line.

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