In a Time of Thanks

Nov 22, 2020
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager


2020 has really been a year of families either spending time apart or closer together.
This year has been a reminder to everyone to simply be kind and to always be grateful for what they have.
In an instant, this pandemic rolled across our world generating a since of chaos and uncertainty. Common words simply don’t even begin to describe our true feeling of what we have experienced and been challenged with during the Covid-19 pandemic.
This year one thing is certain – we ALL have a LOT to be THANKFUL for!
A few of our employees shared what they are thankful for this year in 2020!
I’m thankful for:
My 5 children. Growing up as an only child, I never thought I would have five kiddos. But here I am, embracing their individual personalities. Preston Weisheit
Another day. The world may not be easy to live in but I am thankful for another chance to be here, to breath, to choose my direction and to be loved by family and friends. Ike Belcher
Great group of people to work with and my family. Deb Sickbert
The health and safety of my family, friends and employees. Tim Bender
My family and the time I’m able to spend with them. Aaron Borden
Family, laughter, happiness and health in my life. Ellen Stubbs
Thankful for family both new and old – since I just got married. I’m thankful my parents conquered COVID-19. I’m also thankful for my cat and all his snuggles. I am thankful for the opportunity that Superior Ag gave me straight out of college – especially in a Pandemic! I’m a lucky gal to be surrounded by all these great people here at Superior Ag. Jamie Winkler
My family. Jackie Steckler
All Superior Ag employees and the way everyone stepped up and performed during this pandemic, we were able to continue to serve our member-customers. I’m grateful that the vast majority of our employees have come through COVID so far without any major health complications. Barry Day
My family and friends and health – especially during these crazy times. Adam Messmer
My family and friends who are kept safe so far with what’s going on in this world (2020) AND for my FREEDOM! Nancy Welp
My family, friends and my new job. Anna Winchell
My family and Fried Chicken! Ashley Krampe
My wife, my children, health, my job and my friends. Ryan Coleman
The hard efforts of my team this harvest, and the health and safety of their families. Clint Casteel
The kind and hard working people that makes working at superior ag a true joy to work for each and every day. Adam Hudson
My families health, I’m still able to work and all my fellow coworkers are healthy and still able to work. Mike Gress
Our team of employees who continue to provide superior value to our member-customers – as this season has never stopped since March! I’m thankful for ALL! Jesse Uebelhor
Our employees have been healthy through the pandemic. I’m thankful for my family and friends to be able to share the laughter and tears. Tawnya Fleischmann
My family, friends and to be working in this industry during these crazy times. Abbey Denton
the people in my life.  I am surrounded by wonderful family, friends and coworkers. Kathy Milam
The blessings God has given me. My family, friends, co-workers and for all my loved one’s health. I am truly blessed. Alesia Taylor
My daughter’s wedding taking place before COVID came and that I have stayed healthy “so far”. Danny Hoffman
GOD! The only one who has OUR future in HIS hands. I’m thankful for my loving family and friends, my co-workers (who look after each other and myself) and the growers (whom we work with each and every day). God Bless. Calvin Seitz
Continued good health, my family and great co-workers. Rodney Schwoeppe
The GENEROSITY and KINDNESS everyone has given to each other this year. Megan Hasenour
My children, who have the same passion for agriculture, that was instilled in me as a child. Isaac Schroeder
The limited number of employees who have gotten COVID and those who have had it, have been able to recover quickly. With this past year, our customers were able to be serviced with little disruption. PJ Peters
The soon to be released COVID vaccine and my two wonderful daughters! Jim Gauker
Having a healthy family and a job that has allowed me to be able to continue to work to provide for my family. Bart Schnur