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Nov 06, 2020
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

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Monitoring pregnant sows and gilts is very critical for a better outcome for both mamas and babies.
As you may know, signs of labor in sows and gilts include restlessness, nesting behavior trying to find a suitable position in the farrowing crate or pen by heaping up bedding or digging a shallow area in the dirt. Their respiratory rates increase and sometimes they will even breath through open mouths.
The most critical time after birth is the first 12 hours. There are a few products available that Superior Ag distributes to help you during farrowing this year.

TransRite Sow Ultra
Do you like to stay in the farrowing house all night piggin’?
Do you like when you find piglets being crushed by the mama sow, because they got oxygen deprived?
Do you like when sows don’t get up and eat right after they farrow?
No one does for any of these questions.
TransRite Sow Ultra is a top dress that is fed 3 days prior to farrowing. It’s a cation-anion salt that increases the energy level in your sows and makes them pig faster. This product has allowed sows to have whole litters in 2-3 hours at a time – with no piglets that are oxygen deprived. The piglets are livelier and more vigorous and get up and nurse more quickly. It also helps sows get up and eat.
TransRite Sow Ultra uses an encapsulation process that ensures that the product is palatable, is not hygroscopic and is released in the small intestine – where it is rapidly absorbed.
The benefits of feeding TransRite Sow Ultra is:
  • Addresses Farrowing Stress
  • Optimizes Farrowing Time
  • Supports Muscle Contraction
  • Maximizes Feed Intake Post-Farrowing
 This top-dress is used over normal daily feed at a rate of 25 grams per head per day for 3 days prior to parturition.
Seco-Sorb is a drying agent, used in areas where there is high moisture – be it urine, water, or anything else that is spilled on the floor or bedding. It can also be used directly on piglets. Simply sprinkle the Seco-Sorb over their body and especially on their umbilical cord. It helps the piglets clean-up, dry-up and keep their internal body temperature warm – which is especially important in the cold winter months of farrowing. Start your piglets off dry and to a healthy start with Seco-Sorb.
When to use Seco-Sorb:
  • On piglets immediately after birth
  • Use on comfort mats and flooring in all stages of pork production
  • On dairy cow bedding to reduce environmental moisture
  • In poultry barns to reduce ammonia odor
Reducing moisture supports a stable, healthy environment and assists in decreasing pathogens that the animal may be exposed to.
Pig Milk Replacer
When you have a mama sow that doesn’t milk good, a gilt that has too many piglets, or a sow that isn’t doing good right out of the gate – you need to provide the piglets with a natural supplementation to get them off to a healthy start. ShowRite Milk Replacer is an excellent product to use because it has 24% protein, 18% fat, minerals, organic trace minerals and supplemental vitamins for optimum piglet performance. The milk replacer is highly palatable and includes Bio-Moss which helps with the development of the natural villi in the piglet’s gut and helps with nutrient absorption. This milk replacer can also be used as a top-dress or mixed with water and fed as a slop with dry feed.
Mixing Instructions:
Liquid              To make one gallon of mixed milk replacer, mix 4 cups (1 pound) of milk replacer
                        powder to 1 gallon of warm water.
Slop                Mix 1 cup of Milk Replacer per 16oz of water with feed at each feeding.
Top-Dress       Sprinkle 1 cup of dry Milk Replacer on the feed (2)/twice daily.
Farrowing, Swine

Farrowing season is fast-approaching, and now is the time to start gathering your supplies and products to make it smooth and successful. It doesn’t matter if you are farrowing out one or 1,000 sows; these products play an essential role in the process.

To find these great products contact your Superior Ag Livestock Nutrition Sales Specialist or call the Feed Mill today!  

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