3 Ways To Plant A Successful Cover Crop

Oct 22, 2019
Elizabeth Lewis | Customer Service Representative

  1. What can a cover crop do for you?

Radishes, clover, rye oh my! Why should you plant a cover crop anyway? Erosion control over the winter, increasing organic matter, busting up soil compaction and scavenging for nitrogen are just a few benefits to planting a cover crop. It is important to know what benefits you are looking for when selecting a cover crop. This year in our area cover crops provided an option to help growers increase yields for the coming years by reducing erosion, increasing organic matter, suppressing weeds, and decreasing nutrient loss. Growers may benefit from cover crops during a year with extensive challenges.

  1. How can you incorporate cover crops into your rotation?

Creating an ideal growing environment for your cover crops is equally as important as a good base for your cash crop. To benefit from cover crops, make sure they have adequate growth before terminating them, be it winter frost or spring burndown. Keep in mind if they grow too large, or do not have an adequate growing window cover crops may not produce a desirable outcome. Cover crops may increase your ability to produce more bushels on the same amount of land. Having long-term and short-term goals are important when selecting a cover crop for your farm.

  1. Teamwork is key.

Consulting with an agronomy sales specialist can increase your ability to plant and produce a cover crop that works for you. As with any crop, available nutrients, moisture and ideal soil conditions are a great start to a prestigious cover crop. With practice and determination, you will be able to increase soil nutrients, organic matter and available nitrogen, while decreasing soil compaction. Choosing the right type or mixture of cover crop can maximize your gain the next cash crop season. The benefits of cover crops are limitless and a great way to nourish the soil to allow you to continue harvesting great yields. Think about adding a cover crop to your rotation today.