Red Flannel Dog Food Donation

Oct 03, 2019
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

a Today, Superior Ag distributed a combined total of over 30, 40-pound bags of Red Flannel® Canine Select dog food to the Dubois, Warrick, and Spencer County humane societies.

Carlie Davis, Superior Ag’s Feed Store Manager, gave the donation on behalf of Superior Ag. The Feed Store is set to open in the first quarter of 2020 in Dale, IN.

“Often times rural humane societies/animal shelters have little to no public funding and rely heavily on donations of all kinds.  Our region is so blessed to have a community partner like Superior Ag, who not only commits to provide quality products to our local farmers and provide a great work environment, but also shines through their benevolence throughout the year,” stated Kathy Reinke, Spencer County Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

“Millions of animals go hungry each year. As a part of our social initiative we have made a promise to help feed the world, that means not only people but our livestock and companion animals,” stated Tim Bender, Superior Ag Livestock Nutrition Division Manager. “We want to do our part by helping end animal hunger, and today we were able to provide local rescue shelters 100% complete and balanced nutrition for all breeds of dogs at every life stage.”

Local animal shelters are non-for-profit organizations, caring for homeless animals throughout the community. Community members and businesses can make a difference. Whether volunteering your time, money, car or even your birthday, there are so many ways to help the fight for all animals and together, we can create a more humane society.