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Oct 23, 2020
Megan Hasenour | Marketing Communications Manager

Soil Sampling, Soil Health
A good chef can create a dish without using a written recipe. But the important thing to a chef is “Taste Testing” their dish to make sure it meets their standards.
Let’s put soil fertility into this analogy. A farmer knows what he/she usually applies on their acres every year, but unlike a chef, a farmer is not able to conduct the “Taste Test”.
So how can farmers go about seeing if their soil fertility passes their taste test?
Here’s the Answer
Soil Sample!

Knowing your starting point is the best way to know what to add to the recipe, or in this case add to the soil.

Soil Sampling, Soil Health

The fall provides a great opportunity to make soil amendments and to measure the soil’s key properties and fundamental nutrients.

To provide the best recommendations to growers, a soil sample is taken. The results provide Superior Ag the opportunity to make customized recommendations that fit the grower’s fertility and economic needs – all while being good stewards of the land.

Soil Sampling, Soil Health 

Superior Ag’s recommendations are formulated using an exclusive software that incorporates maps with gradual smoothed rate changes.

Soil Sampling, Soil Health
The first step to managing soil fertility is by taking accurate samples.

Here are the guidelines Superior Ag has in place when performing a soil sample test:
  • Each 2.5-acre sample is GPS recorded and is represented by 10-12 soil cores taken at a depth of 6 inches in a Zig-Zag pattern across the grids to provide a more constant and representative sample of your soil.
  • Each soil core is also collected using an automatic soil-probes to improve depth consistency and accuracy of the soil cores
  • Soil samples are then sent to a certified soil lab, which must pass multiple proficiency evaluations annually.  Also, multiple quality assurance measures have been implemented at Superior Ag and the soil lab to ensure tracking and accuracy of the soil sample and the fertility results.   
Soil Sampling, Soil Health 

Don’t let your soil’s fertility limit your crop from its full yield potential. 

Contact your Local Superior Ag Agronomist to schedule a soil sample for your acres today!

Soil Sampling, Soil Health
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