2019 Farm Safety Week Tip #2

Sep 17, 2019
Kylie Giesler | Ag Marketing Intern

Farm Health And Safety:

You are in your work environment day in and day out. This makes it difficult to see hazards that may be present since you have gotten accustomed to them. Take time to consider routines that your farmhands, family members and even you perform at your operation. Ask yourself, what could make the environment or routine safe. Protecting your health and safety will protect your business, as unsafe operations can cause serious illness, injury or even death. If you or one of your family members or farmhands are unable to work, who will do the work? Being short handed could affect the ones who are being stretched thin to complete all the tasks at your operation.

Here is a checklist designed to help identify risks at your farm:

Once you know what the hazards are, you can:

  • Eliminate the hazard.
  • Invest in products or equipment that can accomplish the same task but provide less hazards.
  • Install safeguards, shields, or mechanical ventilation.
  • Modify work behaviors/practices, so you or your workers remove yourself from the hazard.
  • Wear proper PPE when you cannot eliminate or remove yourself from the hazard.

Potential preventable hazards include:

  • Proper placement of Fire extinguishers
  • Designate safe play site areas for children
  • Chemicals stored in locked cabinet or room
  • Install barriers for fuel tanks
  • Replace deteriorating or missing guards on machinery
  • Maintain proper ventilation in welding area
  • PPE is used, stored or thrown away according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Enforce the “no riders” policy
  • PTO, bells, chains, pulleys and sprocket are guarded
  • Tractor is equipped with proper lighting (headlights, flashers, tail lights) and they work.
  • SMV sign in place and not faded.

Be aware, be safe. The safe way is the best way.