2019 Farm Safety Week Tip #3

Sep 18, 2019
Kylie Giesler | Ag Marketing Intern

Animal Safety For Youth:

Farm animals can be unpredictable especially when startled, frightened or protecting their young. Due to the size of farm animals, children are at an added risk of injury in comparison to other animals. Before working or handling animals, think about what has occurred in this situation in the past and what could happen if the animals are startled or spooked. Taking a few moments before hand can make things safer for everyone. Here are five reminders when working with animals, regardless of species:

  1. Be watchful of visitors to your farm and their actions around farm animals.
  2. Young animals are always the highlight at a farm. Be sure the young animals are in a separate location than their mother. Maternal instincts of all species do not react well if their young has anyone or anything close to it.
  3. Avoid placing a young or inexperienced work in situations around stressed animals. An example would be loading animals onto a livestock hauling trailer. Anything out of the ordinary can startle and spook animals into uncommon and dangerous behaviors.
  4. Bulls, boars, stallions and other mature males are simply not suitable for close inspection by most people, especially visitors. Mature males of all species are unpredictable by nature, even those that are routinely handled.
  5. When young or the inexperienced are learning about animals, the situations require supervision, direction and discussions of safety. Few children under the age of 14 can anticipate dangerous situations, quickly recognize them when they occur, and react appropriately.